Service Update

First of all, we want to say thank you to all of you for supporting us and helping us launch this new adventure.  We have been open since Sept 18th, 2020 and loving every day!

As our team has grown we have seen challenges in synchronizing the services across all barbers in a way that is clear to all.

We have decided to make a small adjustment to our services menu and break up the classic haircut into two variations.

Up until now, a “Classic Haircut” has been scheduled for up to 30 or 45 minutes depending on the barber. 

Some clients have easy haircuts that are quick.

Some have challenging hair textures or needs that take more time.

What does this all lead to?

Our “Classic Cut” will now be universally a $35 service (up to 30 minutes long).

Our new service, “The 45”, will be $45 (up to 45 minutes long).

“The 45” is for those who:

  • Are blessed with difficult hair.
  • Want a complex hair style.
  • The barber told you at your last cut that they need more time for your hair in the future.

Who does this affect most?

Clients of Grant and Ross will see the biggest changes.  If you prefer to keep getting the same cut in the same amount of time you have had in the past, book “The 45” from now on.  

Appointments booked before today will not be affected.

There are 3 different 45 minute services for the same price, why?

You are right, it’s seems a bit redundant.  But we hope it helps you pick the right service and it gives the barber a little heads-up of what to expect when you arrive (long hair, skin fade, etc)

What else should I think about today?

You are looking peckish, grab some amazing food from Piripi tonight!

Are your bones creaky and stiff, get yourself into Wurth Chiropractic for a tune up!