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Work at Woodward Barbers

Woodward Barbers is an organization dedicated to the exceptional treatment of our team and our clients.  
We believe in being inclusive and fostering an environment where everyone is respected and valued no matter where they come from, what they look like or who they love. We are committed to helping you do your best work.

$200 daily Earnings GUARANTEED

(for first 2 months)

Why we are different.

  • 55% minimum commission
  • Health Insurance (50% contribution)
  • 401k with 3% match


Come join us at a very busy shop!

  • Financial security
  • Benefits
  • Great earnings

Don’t worry about building your clientele, we will guarantee a minimum of $200/day in commission+tips for the first 2 months.  That is $1,000 per week for full-time barbers.

55% commission on service prices for all barbers.  Our main service, a classic haircut is $40 for a 30 minute cut. More time and money given for fades and longer services. Check out the website for current prices.

We are all about being a classic barbershop. We are not trying to create a replica, and it isn’t themed or over-the-top. Just a modern clean classic space for people to get high-quality services. Please check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google.

We are hiring for:

  • Experienced Barber/Cosmo that provides great service to every client.
  • Excellent Communication and Customer Service Skills
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Humility and care for your craft
  • Excited to work in a team who all care about that same thing.
  • No drama

Full Time Employees receive:

  • Health Insurance *
  • Dental/Vision Insurance*
  • 401k Match
  • $50k Life Insurance
  • Lots of Perks
  • * (50% paid by the shop)

Full-Time: 40 hours required
Variable-Time: available
All new hires required to work weekends.


  • current barbers or cosmetologists.
  • license issued by the state of Colorado or transferring
  • positive attitude
  • able to provide excellent customer service
  • impeccable attention to detail and unwilling to cut corners 
  • must have respect for the industry, other barbers, barber shops and their owners